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Are you a mobile vendor using Clover? Use the Food on a Truck app to grow your mobile business.

Your business runs on wheels. Now your Clover POS can be just as flexible as your business.

Food on a Truck extends Clover to include location and schedule management in one app. We automatically update your website and tweet so more customers show up hungry for your product.

We provide a reporting dashboard so you can make better decisions on how to grow your mobile business plus a customer survey to get critical feedback from your customers.



  • Location Management
  • Schedule Management (with website integration)
  • Twitter Automation
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Customer Survey (Our Customer Survey app is automatically included)


  • Sales Dashboard – track your sales by location, day, and hour. Now you can make informed decisions on what your best locations are.
  • Manage your schedule
  • Automatic Tweets are sent to your customers. More customers show up eager for your product without you having to lift a finger.
  • Find out exactly what problems your customers are having with your products/services and employees (Customer Survey)
  • Find out when your employees give stellar customer service(Customer Survey)


We want to hear from you!


  • What do I need to use this app?
  • All you need is Clover – our app is inside their app store. Don’t have Clover? Email us at support@zoomifi.com or call toll free at (844) 362-8277 and we’ll be happy to provide Clover to you.
  • Why are our sales in the dashboard showing as an an “Unknown” location?
  • That’s because you don’t have a schedule that correponds to those sales. You can add them retroactively or send us a spreadsheet with the dates and location and we can add them for you. Just email us support@zoomifi.com and we’ll be happy to help!
  • How do we customize our twitter messages?
  • On the social screen click on edit. You can update the message and use the following codes for the system to replace with real data. [Location] will become the location name name, [Start] becomes the shift start time, [End] becomes the shift end time, and [Link] becomes the a google map link to your location.
  • Will you be adding new features? I have an idea…
  • We can’t build everything, but we would love to hear all of you feature requests. We are just getting started with this app! Just email us support@zoomifi.com!
  • Do you support multi-truck reporting?
  • We are working on this. If you have more than one truck, we’d love to discuss your needs.
  • How do you calculate “typical” sales?
  • We calculate an average of that particular day of the week going back 1 year.
  • What’s this Customer Survey?
  • It’s another app that’s included for free! Click here to find out more about Customer Survey.
  • How do we integrate the schedule with our website?
  • Just email us and we’ll give you what you need to add the widget to your website.



Our reporting dashboard includes overall sales trends, hourly sales, and sales by location. Use this data to grow your business!


App is easy to use, just plug in your locations and schedule. You’ll never have to update your website again with your schedule.


Connect twitter and we automatically tweet your customers with custom messages. More customers show up hungry for your product!


We add a customer survey to all of your digital and printed receipts. Learn how to get more repeat customers!